Submission Guidelines

Before sending your ideas to The Cook’s Cook, please be familiar with our publication and its columns. We are international and look for articles that would be of worldwide interest.

If you are a previously published author please send a brief letter of inquiry with your resumé and a link to your published work to [email protected].

If you are a self-published blogger please send us a link to your blog and a brief email with anything you’d like to tell us about yourself to [email protected].

If you are previously unpublished, please send completed articles for consideration to [email protected].

As thanks for contributing an article to The Cook’s Cook, we offer the following remuneration:

  • Publication of a photo and link to your article on our Twitter account, where we have 1.3 million followers of @TheCooksCook
  • Posting on our Twitter account and Facebook page of your book signings, demos, and other events.
  • Your article posted on one of our Pinterest boards
  • Your head shot and short bio at the top of your article plus a complete 100 word bio linked at the bottom of the article. Bio may include a link to your website or blog.
  • Complimentary ad space (30 days; regularly priced at $1,150) for your book or business.
  • Nomination of selected articles for awards and other honors.

Please note:

  • We are looking for articles that are interesting. Tell us something we don’t already know.
  • Our authors set their own deadlines, but once the date is on our schedule it is considered a firm commitment. Please plan to submit your article and all accompanying content at least six weeks before publication.
  • All recipes must have metric and Imperial (U.S. Standard) weights and measures. We do not accept recipes taken from books or other websites unless we have written permission to use them.
  • Articles that mention nutritional or medical advice must include reliable sources and have links to studies and publications cited.
  • Photos must be of high quality.



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